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that had to follow. hot wheels and cheese-its. a 5-year-old's wish list after six days underground as a hostage. police in alabama deliver. texas police looking for an answer in the murder of a legendary sniper. the suspect is a fellow vet. super bowls can be and have been terribly, terribly dull. but not super bowl xlvii. it started out like many previous ones. baltimore ravens dominating the san francisco 49ers in the first half. then it continued at the start of the second half with an electrifying 108-yard kickoff return for a td by the ravens. then poof. lights went out. mysterious blackout. a power outage. mocking out most of the lights at the superdome in new orleans. those lights stayed out for more than half an hour. about 35 minutes. rachel nick sols on thols is on.
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we pride ourselves in doing the news. we went into news mode and wanted to know what happened, how did it happen, who was responsible, and i am still waiting for those answer. >> reporter: no beyonce. we know that. commissioner roger goodell spoke this morning and said the nfl is still looking into all of those issues. here's what we do know. we know that the power company here said not an issue with the grid at all. they were supplying power the entire time to the superdome. superdome officials tells us, though, is that there is a piece of equipment that monitors that power feed coming into the building. it registered a, quote, abnormality. this is different from the malfunction we had at the super bowl a few years ago. the word of the day is abnormality. that would have triggered an auto shutoff. opened a breaker. then it is like in your house when a breaker blows. have you go to the basement and flip the switch back. that's what the officials had to do. they had to wait for all the power to ramp back up. goodell said he does not
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consider this any kind of black eye on the superdome or city of new orleans. he said the nfl will absolutely consider having future super bowls here. he declared this week a total success. even with a little bit after blackout. >> a little bit of a blackout. my goodness. what did the coaches -- i always wonder if when the game over, it is done, it is behind you. move on. or if you hear some harping on the things they don't like about coaches, players, anybody weighing in on this? >> reporter: well, it is interesting. blackout, we keep saying, was 34 minutes. inside information for you. it could have been a lot longer. you may have noticed if you were watching the game towards the end of that blackout period, the players all got back on the field and then there was even more waiting around. in the superdome a lot of the fans started booing and warranted to know why don't you just play already. coach john harbaugh from the ravens was on the field yelling at some officials. here's the inside story on what
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he was yelling at. ravens official tells me the problem was power had been restored everywhere enough to replay, start restart -- restart playing the game. but the headvotes the 49ers side went out. the nfl officials asked the ravens to turn off their headsets so they could restart. they still worked on getting the headsets set up. ravens have coach necessary the upper press box. 49ers don't. he said without it not be fair if the 49ers could communicate with their players and the ravens couldn't. he wanted them to even stop the game longer, bring his coaches down, could have been a much longer, almost an hour affair. they did get those headsets back working. they were able to play again. could have been even worse. that's solace for everyone i speak for you and me. us broadcasters that rely mightily on these things called ifbs for our communications and direction. i think that's a legitimate reason to be upset. rachel nichols, thank you. excellent work, my friend.
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good gets after the game, too. one of our newest cnn additions. we are proud of that. critics are wasting no time, though in blasting the officials over this power outage. taking on city officials. those who run the superdome and the nfl. and for good measure throw in cbs, too. howard kurtz joins us with his take from washington via skype. another mode of communication. listen, one of the big things that -- lot of people are wondering about, it has been several years since hurricane katrina. this is the first game that new orleans hosted since katrina. should we make any ado about this? was this just one of those things that would have happened in new orleans, would have happened anywhere else, it was just a power outage? pure and simple. >> it wasn't just a power outage. it was a half-hour delay and most watched television event of the year. they had a couple of years to prepare for it. this is an embarrassment for the city of new orleans and assumer dome. i was following the action on twitter for 24 million tweets sharing the big game. and during that blackout,
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everybody was keeping each other entertained. a bunch of people know what it is like to be trapped in the superdome now. >> is it fair to be getting so angry about before -- you just heard me talking with rachel nichols. we are still trying to figure out exactly what the abnormality was. until we have that answer, nobody should be slinging arrow. >> i don't think it is fair to be angry. i think people are puzzled at how there could be a malfunction. not a wardrobe malfunction like a few years ago at super bowl halftime but electricity malfunction at this level. i didn't think that cbs news covered itself with glory because rather than making more of an issue out of the fact the nfl would not put a statement out of that 35 minutes the sports casters and reporters kept saying we are told the power will be restored in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later, they would repeat the same thing. in fairness, they didn't have a lot of information either. it did seem a little bit like they were almost apologizing for
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what had gone wrong. >> i have to admit, i don't often watch the super bowl. i like the ads. this one i love, harbaugh brothers. i made a point of getting my kids in front of the set for as long as i could keep them awake. then hi to put them to bed. all this happened while i was out of the room. when i came back i felt something is wrong. and no one is telling me what is wrong. i completely hear your point about the news -- >> you missed the story of the century. another thing about the blackout, i know you are not a huge football fan, but it completely changed the game. stopped the ravens' momentum and let the san francisco 49ers get back in it. there would be a lot of angry in baltimore if the ravens lost that game at the end. >> we are bogey to talk kn-- we going to talk mojo later in the segment. when we built the cadils from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪
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he was an icon. if you see smiles at this theater -- this funeral, it is also because that's ed koch. he was hilarious. he once famously told voters if you agree with me on nine out of 12 voters, vote for me. if you agree with me on 12 out of 12, see a psychiatrist. these are his nephews who are eulogizing him now live at the podium. he's also going to be eulogized by and very for people. new york's current mayor, mike bloomberg, who calls ed koch an icon. bill clinton is also due to speak as well as a representative for president obama. years after ed koch left office in 1989, people were urging him to run again. he always declined. and the reason, she had the people voted me out. the people must be punished. ed koch. we are going to continue to watch that ceremony.
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in the meantime, other news south korea bracing for a possible north korean nuclear test. senior officials assessing the government's readiness as the u.s. and south korea begin three days of joint naval exercises. yesterday north korea said the leader kim jong-il made an for decision to strengthen the country. south korea and the u.s. and japan are warning any provocative moves will bring significant consequences. turkish authorities arrested at least 11 people in connection with the disappearance and now the death that's been reported of a new york woman that went missing in istanbul almost two weeks ago. police found her body this weekend. they found her body by the ruins of this ancient stonewall near a popular tourist attraction. they say she had multiple stab wounds and a blow to the head. a speeding bus full of
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terrified passengers careening down a long and winding hillside road, smoke pouring out the back, crashed violently into two vehicles last night and the death toll is expected to rise today. at least eight people are dead. police say they are only just beginning to identify the bodies. and the body parts. dozens more people were hurt. up until this terrible crash, the california bus company had a pretty good safety record with no prior crashes in two years. a, quote, satisfactory rating given just last month. paul, not we have any clearer reason as to why this happened and how it happened? >> reporter: well, right now authorities are looking at the brakes. caltrans told us they had witness accounts that they said the back of the bus smoking and they suspect the brakes could have played a role in the crash. that's where the focus of the
8:15 am
attention will be. but right now the crime scene is so ghastly and grisly and there are bodies still inside of the bus and bodies outside of the bus. extremely difficult for the core onlier and others to get to all of the bodies. that's why, as you said earlier, the death toll right now stands at eight. they say that is sure to change. meaning that it will undoubtedly rise. >> the bus driver and you will have to maybe update me on this. one of the reports had a terrible amount of damage near where he was seated. but that he lived. presumably the authorities are going to be able to question him about what happened immediately precede thing disaster. >> reporter: absolutely. in what was just probably a miracle of some sort, the bus rolled over, completely. then landed upright again. part of the top of the bus, very near the bus driver's seat is caved in.
8:16 am
but there was just sort of a little window if will you. we will call it maybe a cone where the bus driver was sitting. that did not get caved in. somehow he survived. according to the highway patrol, they have interviewed him already. of course, he probably may not be as lucid that's would want. but he reportedly said to them that the brakes were at fault here. >> i'm just looking behind you, paul, at the mountains and a producer that works with us lives in that area, lived in that area, and says that this is a very treacherous area in terms of navigating. can you give as you bit of a feel for the path that that bus was on just before this happened? >> reporter: we are at the foot of the mountains here. a lot of southern californians will go to big bear in the hills behind me for a winter wonderland. a chance to play in the snow. do a little bit of skiing. we are at the bottom of the mountain, though. while much of the road is extremely treacherous, this particular part kind of levels
8:17 am
out. the grade isn't as steep and was not as windy where the bus crashed. however, one reason the brakes are part of the suspicion is you can imagine if for miles and miles and miles, the brakes were being ridden by the bus driver, we are not saying that they were, but it is possible that someone would overdo it. caltrans talks about this as well. danger of the road. you have a situation here where you could have put a lot of pressure on the brakes. >> all right. thank you, paul. just update us when you hear anything from those officials on the number of people are not able to survive this crash. we are back after this. [ loud party sounds ] hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein.
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president obama is heading to minneapolis right now. the president plans to talk with city leaders and others about his plans to change gun laws across the country. minneapolis has been praised for initiatives that have drastically lowered gun violence there. over the weekend, the white house released this photograph of the president skeet shooting at camp david. the president mentioned that he had this hobby during an interview last week. but republicans demanded proof.
8:21 am
so this is the proof they got. but the critics jumped on the photo as a stunt and conspiracy theorists even went so far as to say that this was photo shopped. this story continues. as a navy sniper, chris kyle, was a killing machine. especially in iraq. as a veteran, his legend only grew. but his focus turned towards helping other veterans with ptsd. sadly, that may have been what ultimately killed him. kyle, and a friend of his, were shot to death saturday at a gun range at a texas resort. crime and justice correspondent joe johns has our story. >> reporter: former navy s.e.a.l. who claims 160 kills in iraq died at the hands of another vet, authorities say, allegedly using a semiautomatic handgun. what police don't know yet is
8:22 am
why. >> i don't know if we will ever know. he is the only one that knows that. at this point he hasn't made any comments. law enforcement as to why he did it. >> reporter: chad littlepeeled and the suspect, eddie routh, drove to the range together. would hours later kyle and littlefield were dead. routh fled to his sister's house and told her what happened and she called police and routh was eventually caught. routh is an iraq war veteran and left the marines in 2010. kyle, who wrote the bestselling autobiography, "american sniper," talked about his duty to those he served with in an interview with ktvt last year. >> my regret are the guys that i couldn't save. that's what keeps me up at night. >> reporter: when he left the military kyle became a fierce ad r
8:23 am
ad advocate for vets. that may be why they went to the gun range with routh. >> mr. kyle works with people that are suffering from issues that had been in the military. and this -- this shooter is possibly one of those people that he had taken out to the range to mentor and visit with, to help. >> reporter: kyle's friend says that's the kind of man he was. >> the man he was when he came home if i could describe it, is a servant leader. he served others. he was a humble, humble man. he had a vision to support veterans and their needs and he was fearless at that. he gave us life doing so. >> joe johns joins me live now from texas. joe, do we have any idea at this point if this alleged shooter actually suffered from post-traumatic stress or anything else of that? >> reporter: there is no report
8:24 am
of that. at least so par. it is pretty clear that the sheriff's department here wants a psychiatric evaluation of routh. there was a problem here overnight. he was put in a restraint chair. apparently he became aggressive with some of the jailers and now he's on a suicide watch. he's also in a cell by himself for his own protection because they are concerned that other people here in the community are even in -- or even in the enforcement community might harm him. prisoners, in other words. >> i -- you know, there are so many different jurisdictions that have different kinds of functioning appearances. but in that practice that we just showed, beneath where the photograph ends, it looks like he is handcuffed for his mug shut. i'm wondering if they have to take any other precautions to adjudicate this and get afirst appearance and get him charged. >> reporter: well, they have already been through part of the process. preliminary hearing is the next thing that's going to happen on
8:25 am
all of this. that, of course, is up to the district attorney here. we are also told routh now has two lawyers. both of whom are going to have to be appointed because if this case goes to trial, it could be a capital case. you have to have someone who is experienced in those kind of cases in order to defend an individual like this. >> you know what, you are going to have to remind me on this, capital case because it is -- it is a first-degree murder in texas or because an actual veteran involved here? >> reporter: as far as i know, it is because of the murder charge. i don't know what they call it here. you know, most typically you call it first-degree murder in a lot of different states. it might be called capital murder in this state. you know, that's -- we have to look at the statute. it could range anywhere from pre-meditation to who knows what else. but i would rather look at the statute before i talk about it. >> that's exactly -- i feel the same way.
8:26 am
lived in tex i lived in texas a number of years. capital murder can be involved when you kill a law enforcement, member of law enforcement. i'm just trying to -- trying to remember if a veteran would qualify under that statute. joe, great reporting. thank you for that. do appreciate it. president obama is also going to be in minneapolis later today to talk about the need for new gun laws. coming up, wolf blitzler look why the president chose minneapolis. if the city can be a model for the nation. that's at 4:00 p.m. eastern time today. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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8:30 am
exhumed in september 2012 is, indeed, richard iii. >> okay. that's about as excited as scientists usually get. make no mistake, identifying the arch villain of english royal lore is a big deal. richard is the one who supposedly killed his nephew so that he himself could take the throne. here's cnn's erin mclaughlin. >> reporter: for over 500 years, this was the resting place of king richard iii. what was once the location of a church is now in municipal car park. archaeologists found his remains here at an ill-fitting shallow, hastily dug grave. they say that he did not have any sort of shroud or coffin. now earlier today, a panel of experts released their findings. culmination of months of detailed analysis involving dna testing, bio carbon testing, and
8:31 am
environmental sampling. they can now say beyond any reasonable doubt they have found the remains of king richard iii. >> i can now tell you there's a dna match between the maternal dna from the descendants of the family of richard iii and the remains we found at the grave dig. the dna evidence points to these being the remains of richard iii. >> reporter: richard iii will be reburied at lester cathedral. not far from here. officials say that they are planning to hold a memorial service in his honor so he can have one final resting place, they say, that's dignifying and fit for a king. erin mclaughlin, cnn, lester, england. if you are a history buff like so many other people i work with in this room, there is a lot more on richard iii. i nerd out on this stuff.
8:32 am
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pakistani teenager who won the world's admiration for demanding an education as a girl has now spoken publicly for the first time since taliban militants tried to execute her. malala's foundation released this video, recorded just before she underwent two surgeries this weekend in england. in the video, malala credits the supporters and prayers she got from around the world for what she is calling her, quote, second life. and she talks about her medical condition and her commitment to her cause. >> today you can see that i am alive. i can speak. i can see you.
8:36 am
i can see everyone and today i can speak and i'm getting better day by day. it is just because of the prayers of people, because all of the people, mainly women, children, all of them, all of them have prayed for me. and because of these prayers and because of the prayers, god has given me this new life. and this is a second life. this is a new life. i want to serve. i want to serve the people. i want every girl, every child, to be educated. for that reason, we have organized malala fund. >> praise the lord. that girl can speak beautifully. the doctors are saying she has no lasting brain damage. we have even more good news. doctors also say that malala probably won't need to have any more surgeries either. that's just great news to bring you this morning. making news the boy scouts could vote on removing their ban
8:37 am
on gay members this week when the national executive council meets in texas. the president weighing in on this last night in a cbs interview. >> my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity, the same way everybody else does. in every institution and walk of life. >> a statement from the scouts says that if they remove their national policy on sexual orientation, organizations that oversee the individual troops could still base their membership guidelines on their own principles or religious beliefs. you know who won the super bowl. super bowl xlvii. but who won the battle for the best super bowl ads? that's for. every year a pew commercials kick up a lot of talk, lot of fuss. lot of controversy. this year is absolutely no exception. jason carroll now with this look. >> when it comes to super bowl ads the field is wide open.
8:38 am
very slts off-limits. >> the nra once supported background checks. >> reporter: many may not have caught the ad called it is time. only aired in the washington, d.c., market. the ad bought by the group mayors against illegal guns features children and the nra's executive vice president, wayne lapierre in a video from 1999. testifying he supports background checks. >> we think it is reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale and every gun show. >> reporter: last week during a cnn town hall on gun control, a drastically different position. >> we are not supporting more back ground checks of law abiding people. >> reporter: ad created to put pressure on lawmakers to fall in step with the overwhelming majority of americans, polling shows, support background checks on all gun purchases. politics aside the most sentimental spot goes to
8:39 am
budweiser. ♪ the spot featuring the horse. it rates ads by polling consumers. one of the highest rated ever. so well liked even the man behind a competing ad for century 21 said the horse won hands down. >> i thought it was a good call. there were definitely some standouts, as there always were. i had my favorites. >> what's your favorite? >> i had -- between three. i love ed the clydesdale spotor budweiser. it gets to you. >> when it comes to the ads featuring food, it was all about humor. whether it be an oreo cookie, doritos or in the case of these wild seniors, taco bell. ♪ those are some of the winners. with any super bowl there are those that didn't win. the go dad write spot featuring
8:40 am
a model kissing a nerd was an epic fail. volkswagen had an ad with a white man and a jamaican accent. overall, most we talked to said they were little underwhelmed. >> i thought it was a weak crop this year. i guess overall. but, you know, pretty much the same. >> some were real bad. some why were good. not as good as the previous years. >> jason carroll joins me now live. the minute he got up the set with me, i said i am angry. i'm not -- >> you were really upset i am so angry. my 5 year old and 7-year-old boys were watching with me. 6:45 last night. >> you were talking about the -- >> not even going to say the maim. >> the kiss. >> the kissing. up-close french kissing that -- that -- the super bowl and cbs and that company forced my children to watch.
8:41 am
i couldn't get to the remote fast enough. i'm angry at this because this is supposed to be a general audience. and my kids were absolutely flabbergasted and didn't know what was going on. >> not surprising. the ad did not end up rating well. it did not rate well. maybe that's one of the reasons why. lot of people were offended by it. >> i'm not the only one. half of my colleagues with little kids said the same thing. the kids went stylent and said what are they doing? >> even those without kids were taken aback by it. we should give an honorable mention to the oprah ad. which i thought was interesting. we shouldn't call it an own are a ad. oprah narrated the ad. very moving. when i think about that ad, you know, which is obviously paying tribute to our troops, i think about, you know, i spent two summers in afghanistan. whenever i spoke to the soldiers over there, what do you want me to tell the people back at home? they would say repeatedly, don't let people forget us. i think this ad really speaks to that. >> whenever i see this stuff i get teared up. cane even see a reunion all the local news channels do without getting teared up. it is something that never goes
8:42 am
away. >> another ad that was sentimental was the -- >> farmers. >> >> i loved it. paul harvey. voiceover for the farmers. >> it wasn't the original ad. there was an original ad on youtube released before this. this was sort of a copy of that particular ad. >> you are kidding me? >> yeah. >> it was very effective. i loved it. i'm never going to say that company's name again that did that french kissing in front of my little boys at 6:45 at night. cbs, come on. help us out. we are supposed to be able to trust that we can watch the super bowl with our little ones. we have to go. >> we will be back. >> thank you. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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i want to take you back live now to the funeral that's going on right now for the former new york mayor and man who was larger than life. you know the host of "people's court," ed koch. this going on in new york city. in manhattan. moments ago, you are watching live pictures. moments ago, bill clinton, who was a longstanding friend of the former mayor, offered a really poignant farewell. standing room only service on the upper east side. have a listen. >> we miss you so much because we all know we are doing a lot better because you lived and served. >> ed koch was a larger than life mayor at the time when new york really needed one. he passed away on provide at the
8:46 am
age of 88. we are now entering day seven of a hostage stand-off in alabama. when police start getting requests for what they call comfort items during a crisis like this, there is a world of difference between what a 65-year-old man might want and what a 5-year-old boy would like. that 65-year-old vietnam vet is holding a child he allegedly snatched off a school bus last week after the driver was shot and killed. cnn's victor blackwell joins me now live from midland city, alabama. if you could, for me, go into that list of items for me. i think it is very poignant and really gets to the heart of just what kind of a situation we are dealing with here. what did those would people want and what did they get? >> reporter: yeah. let's talk about those. for people who don't have young children, it is hard sometimes to really conceptualize the needs and wants of a 5-year-old child.
8:47 am
we are told by negotiators, the people on the scene the latest things that were taken to the bunker are a red hot wheels car and cheez-it crackers. that's what 5-year-olds prioritize. more for things. medication because we have been told by an alabama state representative that this 5-year-old boy, ethan, has adhd and asperger's syndrome. food has been taken, coloring books. toys for this child. what we don't know is what jimmy lee dikes wants, what his motivations are. the authorities called news conferences several times a day every day for the last seven days. they have canceled them more than they held them. they are not giving out more information day to day. they are telling us little things like red hot wheels car or cheez-it crackers. we know that the negotiations
8:48 am
continue and tell us that they are ready to speak with jimmy lee dikes whenever she ready to speak with them. >> we were looking at this animation as you have been doing your live report that shows -- sort of this setup of what we know to be this bunker on this property behind the trailer and then the shipping container and then this underground square that represents the bunker. pvc pipe that is front and center, middle of the wall, is the critical aspect of all communication. do we know how much communication is going through that pipe? >> we don't know. we poe that all -- all they will say is the communication line is open. you mentioned the pvc pipe. through that they are communicating. second question is how will you deliver these items to the bunker? you are not sliding cheez-it through a 60-foot pipe. you are not rolling a hot wheels car through the pipe. are you going up to the bunker and approaching to speak with
8:49 am
jimmy lee? if not how are you doing had a? those are the questions being asked and those are not being answered. they are not giving a lot of information here. we are asking all those questions to try to find out what's happening. now they tell us that they are not giving so many answers because they don't want to agitate jimmy lee dikes. does he have access to a sell vision or radio? there are things that would lead -- answer to yes on that but they have not confirmed that straightforward. >> you make a very good point. we should be leaving this extraordinarily for work up to the people who know it best. that's certainly not you and me. that's a tender topic that you are working on, victor. thank you for being delicate in your work out there. we also know that the alabama hostage suspect is a survivalist in that bunker. anderson cooper is going to take an inside look at the survivalist movement. that will come your way tonight live at 8:00 eastern time. [ loud party sounds ]
8:50 am
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earlier we talked about the super bowl, the power outage and the jokingly some said beyonce's halftime show knocked out the lights. others joked that the nfl just didn't think the game could live up to beyonce's performance. they tripped a wire. none of that is true. let me bring in alina cho and nischelle turner. who is live in los angeles. ladies, what a performance first before i talk to either of you live let's just look at a little moment of this, shall we and drink it in?
8:53 am
♪ >> is it okay to say i have a girl crush nischelle, i'll start with you. did she live up to all of the hype? >> you see me shaking my shoulders, so i think a little bit. beyonce was back biannual girl band for this performance, ashleigh. you are backed by your band today, alina cho on bass guitar and me on drums. i think by reading the reviews, by reading the reviews this morning, by all indications she slated, i haven't read a bad review last night the first lady tweeted her approval. oprah tweeted one word, beyonce, and that's all she needed to say the one thing i have heard, though, ashleigh, in all of the hype and love for beyonce in this halftime show is that folks wished her husband jay-z came out and performed with her in crazy in love. he didn't. that was a little bit of a disappointment for folks. >> we saw that before.
8:54 am
that's all right. >> i swear looking at her dressed in that little outfit i am all good with what went on. i want to bring in alina cho about that little outfit. it may have been small. but it took a lot of manhours to build. >> 250 hours. and this designer reuben singer's entire studio of 14 people was working on it at one point. ashleigh, it was made of five different skins including python, iguana, two types of lamb skin, there was lace of course you saw that. originally, it came with that cropped motorcycle jacket and the skirt, which she head halfway through the first song. you know, it was such an incredible moment for this little known designer, 34-year-old new york based reuben singer, it's really put him on the map. and when i spoke to him this morning he said this outfit was fabulous, it had to be functional, too. >> her range of motion is so
8:55 am
huge. i mean, the way that she moves her arms and legs, and everything, it's so intense, that doing something that doesn't move with her is not possible. and the approach to developing a stage piece for her is so complex in that respect, because she needs to move, and you can't constrict her range of motion because that would be number one, a tragedy. number two, she wouldn't feel comfortable. and my job as a designer, no matter what it is i'm doing is to make a woman feel amazing comfortable. >> well, she probably felt really comfortable, because she looked great, and she moved great. quickly, speaking of women, and i'm going to say this, women of color, if you didn't notice, we had alicia keys with the star spangled banner, we had jennifer hudson singing with the sandy hook choir. and then we had of course beyonce, and destiny's child, all women of color rocking the
8:56 am
super bowl. and i got to be honest with you, some people may have noticed it. other people may have just said these were just a listers, nischelle, how were people weighing in on this aspect of were they women of color rocking this world? or was this just a bunch of big a listers and color didn't -- you didn't notice? >> you know, i agree with you on the fact not a lot of people paid attention to that. beyonce did, though. she recognized that fact. she actually put up a post on instagram after her performance and said what a great day for african-american women. she gave a shout out to alicia, jennifer hudson, kelly and michelle. she said all of you are beautiful, talented, showed so much class. she thought it was an honor to perform with them at the super bowl. she called them phenomenal ladies. she definitely recognized that fact that it was kind of women of color on center stage. >> it was indeed. i have to be honest, i love the fact i didn't even notice it. i just noticed awesome and awesome. that's all the time i have.
8:57 am
niche em, alina, thank you for your reporting. now that the super bowl is out of the way, beyonce has other plans this morning her team announced a brand new world tour, this is her first tour in three years, i love the title, the mrs. carter tour, it's going to kick off in europe in april. and it comes to the united states of america in late june. plan for it. [ laughs ] now this is a test drive.
8:58 am
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